About Us

Our team has a record of success over numerous economic cycles in a variety of industries.

Promus Equity Partners is a private investment firm affiliated with Promus Holdings, a multi-family office located in Chicago, that gives a community of like-minded individuals access to direct private equity investments in lower middle market companies. Our flexible investment mandate allows Promus Equity Partners to think creatively and allow each opportunity to guide our investment structure and duration absent the constraints imposed by traditional private equity funds. Our investment decisions are not influenced by the latest quarterly meeting or fund raising cycle.

Promus Equity Partners is led by seasoned private equity professionals with decades of experience from one end of the middle market to the other. Our team has a record of success over numerous economic cycles in a variety of industries including manufacturing, consumer, distribution and business service companies. Our collective wisdom is a valuable asset to management teams and business owners when unforeseen challenges and new opportunities arise.

Promus Equity Partners’ success relies upon the strength of the partnership we form with management teams and business owners. We are not operators. We are value-added partners for management teams dedicated to accelerating growth and increasing value. Our extensive network of industry and institutional contacts is an important resource to management teams who are looking for a fresh perspective or sharing of best practices. We also work closely with the management team to formulate winning strategies, pursue strategic acquisitions, and maintain an appropriate capital structure.

Promus Equity Partners is a family of investors with unique insights and shared values. We are dedicated to sourcing, screening and closing private equity transactions and partnering with management teams to achieve above-market returns for our investors while providing selling shareholders with speed, certainty and a thoughtful transition plan. Promus Equity Partners: where value and values meet.